digital grow lights use less power and save you money




600w digital grow light with grolux bulb - one piece unit with reflector included


600w digital system with 600w growlux bulb 600w digital system without bulb  

£125.00 - out of stock £112.00 - out of stock  


  • Save energy and money - Rated at 2.74 and 1.8 amps these ballasts consume considerably less electricity than conventional magnetic ballasts, saving energy and £££s off your electricity bills.
  • More output and less heat - proven to provide more lumens per wattage - tests prove up to 30% more lumens for a 400w or 600w bulb powered by a digital ballast. Digital ballast are not reliant on large copper coils and so provide a great deal less heat.
  • Less weight - At just over 4 kilos in weight, digital lights are more than half the weight of regular grow lights.
  • Superb build quality - Simply excellent aluminium casing and enclosed reflector
  • This superior product offers the latest in digital technology. The unit comes complete, fully wired and ready for immediate operation. The unit is lightweight and its electronic design offers the user a host of advantages over the traditional ‘core and coil’ type ballast. This unit produces less heat and in turn produces more light, in operation the ballast also monitors the status of the lamp in the circuit and is able to vary the power provisions ensuring the lamp maintains the same output throughout the lamps use.
  • This unit is manufactured to high quality standards and meets all applicable EC directives on safety and EMC Emissions.

    Sylvania Grolux - Blue & Red spectrums: vegetative/flowering 




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