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Solar powered security lights are an amazing alternative to traditional wired security lighting. It is very easy to install, the LED bulbs last for much longer than traditional bulbs and once installed the running costs are zero!

EVO 56 Solar Security Light - £69.99

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How does it work?

The Evo56 has a powerful 2W solar panel that charges the high capacity battery during the day. At night the Evo56 illuminates when it detects motion in the same way as regular mains powered security lights.

How do I install it?

The Evo56 Solar Security Light is very easy to install in comparison with mains powered security lights.

The box contains the main light unit, a solar panel connected to 5 metres of cable (3m extension cables avaialable seperately), 6 screws with 6 raw plugs and a set of instructions
  • 1. Mount Evo56 Solar Security Light
  • 2. Mount the Evo56 solar panel within 5 metres of the light
  • 3. Plug panel cable into the light unit
solar powered security lighting

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Panel Cable Length 5 metres (Extension Packs Available)
Panel Dimensions 190mm x 175mm
Panel Type Polycrystalline
Panel Wattage 2w
Booster Panel Yes - extra 2w booster panel available
No. of LED's 56
LED Bulb Colour White
Battery Capacity 3500 mAh
Battery Type NiMH
Replaceable Batteries Yes
PIR Range 2 - 12 metres
PIR Detection Field 180 degrees
Adjustable Lux Setting Yes
Range Sensitivity Yes
Adjust Light Operating Time 4 - 30 seconds
Material Metal Light Head / Glass Lens / Plastic PIR
Max. Operating Hours 4
On/Off Switch Yes
Warranty Period 12 Months
Solar powered party lights are perfect if you are looking for a simple and low cost solution to adding lights to an outdoors space

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Solar powered security lights save a lot of wiring hassle and are of course free to run!

solar powered security lights


These SMD GU10 bulbs feature 24 individual SMD LED's with a clear glass cover which produce a light output the same as 55 watt halogen bulbs

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